The Paper Elephant Project is a charitable sideline of Wildflower Illustration Co., a small business selling illustrated cards, art prints & event stationery, owned and run by husband and wife team Karl & Rebecca.

A couple of years ago, Rebecca attended an event which highlighted how often people who return to the workplace following time off from a mental illness report that not a single colleague acknowledged their illnessRecognising that this is in stark contrast to those who experience a physical health problem, who are often inundated with cards and messages of support, Rebecca set about thinking about why this was the case, and what she could do to change it. 

Rebecca turned immediately to close friend Bex Coxon. Bex is a documentary maker and writer. She thinks lack of education around mental health is one of the most pressing issues of our time. As well as experiencing mental illness personally and through family and friends, she has trained as a helpline counsellor and volunteers for various mental health charities. Previously she was a journalist for a mental health magazine, and nowadays regularly makes documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4 involving people with mental health issues.

Bex suggested partnering with The Shaw Mind Foundation, a dynamic charity who are passionate about tackling the stigma that can accompany mental health issues. Working closely with Bex and The Shaw Mind Foundation, Karl and Rebecca set about designing the range of cards available in the shop today.

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