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Whilst the sending of cards for a physical health problem is entirely commonplace in society, research has shown that those experiencing mental health problems very rarely receive a card at all. 

Often, this is because people simply do not know what to say. A 'get well soon' card might seem inappropriate or insensitive to send to someone who feels as though they might never get better, and yet the words to express the right sentiment are hard to come by. Sadly, this often means that people say nothing at all. To someone already experiencing feelings of isolation and unworthiness, this can make them feel even more alone. 

The Paper Elephant Project's goal is to address this 'elephant in the room' by introducing a range of tastefully illustrated cards with messages of support which have been suggested by a psychologist, which we hope will serve as a token of love, care and hope at a time when it is most needed.  We are working in partnership with mental health charity The Shaw Mind Foundation, who have provided the guidance in relation to the messages on the cards. All profit goes directly to The Shaw Mind Foundation.

The cards are designed carefully and thoughtfully, and could be sent to anyone as a message of support in a difficult time, or a sign of friendship, not just those with a diagnosed mental health problem.

We hope that the project might give you the chance to change someone's day for the better.